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Fsdreamteam - KORD V2 - *ZAU RECOMMENDS USING THIS SCENERY* Chicago O'Hare V2 International Airport ( see the Wikipedia article here) it's a scenery developed for Lochkeed Martin Prepar3D 4 only. It's has been created with great attention to visual quality and performance, using the latest available programming techniques.<br />
<br />
Features:<br />
The updated airport layout from 2019.<br />
A true fully native scenery, designed from the ground up for Prepar3D 4.<br />
Fully designed for PBR, with advanced materials and shaders.<br />
Complete Dynamic Lighting, optimized for speed.<br />
Completely made using the P3D4 SDK.<br />
Highly detailed SODE Jetways.<br />
Working information panels on gates.<br />
Working EMAS system that stops the airplane when hit.<br />
Highly detailed Terminal C interior in Avatar mode.<br />
Animated passengers inside the terminal, visible from the cockpit.<br />
Many animated custom ground vehicles.<br />
Fully 3d taxiways lighting.<br />
Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.<br />
High resolution building textures.<br />
<br />
System Requirements:<br />
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 4.4 or later. Version 4.5 is strongly suggested. Windows 8/10, 64 bit edition. A fast video card with 8GB of VRAM is required to use high resolution textures.
FlyTampa - KMDW - Unique terrain and pavement rendition techniques.
- Seasonal ground changes (Summer, Fall, Winter).
- Renovated Terminals A, B and C.
- Animated car traffic around Midway.
- Transparent terminal windows and passengers.
- Numerous static objects like service trucks, cars, etc.
- Volumetric Grass (FSX only).
- Includes both FS2004 (V1.0) and FSX-SP2 (V2.0).
US Cities X - Chicago Aerial image coverage (see attached Google Earth file)
More than 2,000 major buildings included
About 210,000 (!) autogen buildings placed realistically
"Retro style" version of Meigs Field that was sadly demolished in 2003
Major airports in and around the city are covered with new high res ground images (no new building structures added)
Chicago O'Hare (including new runway layout)
Chicago Midway
Chicago Executive (formerly known as Palwaukee Mun)
Schaumburg Regional
Brookeridge Airpark (where homes are next to the runway)
9 heliports as start locations
Sound effects like downtown- and highway traffic, gulls...
Traffic on most major roads
Low price, very good value for money
Includes a separate Scenery Density tool
KORD - Chicago Ohare INTL - Chicago, IL, USA - Fully Up To Date Scenery As of MARCH 29, 2018 - V3.0 (FSX) Readme included. Please read the readme! VERY IMPORTANT! KORD - Fully up to date (3-29-18) with recent changes including permanent closure of runway 33 and conversion into Taxiway SS. This download does not require any other supporting downloads. This download is for FSX/P3D V1-3 ONLY!! P3D4 version available on AVSIM within the P3D - AFCAD section!
Drzewiecki Design - Chicago City X (2019) *ZAU RECOMMENDS USING THIS SCENERY* Chicago City X has been developed to provide the immersion into the cityscape of Chicago at a level never seen before. Keeping in mind a unique role the city has played in the flight sim community for many years, we have decided to put special attention not only to the greatest landmarks but to every downtown building. You will find details such as restaurants, rooftop cranes, balconies, swimming pools... Buildings have exact shapes, reflections, night textures. Feel free to explore the area finding various details: why not checking out a thrilling view from the Skydeck or performing a high-speed slalom between the masts of hundreds of yachts in the marina? The product is fully VFR-capable, you will find everything you need for visual approaches to any of Chicago airports or just GA/heli scenic flying. This product does not include any airports but creates a perfect combo with Chicago Airports X by Drzewiecki Design. Chicago City X is a unique experience and definitely one of the most detailed city sceneries ever created for flight simulator.
Drzewiecki Design - Chicago Airports X (2019) *ZAU RECOMMENDS USING THIS SCENERY* Chicago Airports X has been developed to provide the immersion into the Chicago area at a level never seen before. The product consists of three airports: KORD O'Hare, KMDW Midway and KPWK Executive. All airports have been developed using the most modern techniques. Great performance has been coupled with visual excellence but most importantly - tens of thousands of objects crucial for performing realistic flight operations, like signs, marking and lighting has been precisely implemented on a huge scale. Apart from must-have items, there are also hundreds of optional static aircraft, all terminals, towers and some hangars have interiors, there are custom animations, SODE jetways, advanced materials... All airports have up-to-date layouts including elements currently being under construction (check O'Hare). The product is designed to seamlessly blend with Chicago City X by Drzewiecki Design however each airport can be activated/deactivated individually for maximum compatibility potential.

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KCID - Eastern Iowa Airport Cedar Rapids - VerticalSim Eastern Iowa Airport (IATA: CID, ICAO: KCID, FAA LID: CID) is a commercial airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, on Wright Brothers Boulevard on the south edge of town, about two miles west of Interstate 380. CID covers 3,288 acres (1,331 ha).

The airport in recent years has been served almost entirely by regional jets, however this is beginning to change. Delta now offers Boeing 717 flights to Atlanta and United to Denver on Airbus 320s and Boeing 738s. The airport sees five airlines with non-stop flights to fourteen airports.

Airport Features:
Taxiroutes for WT3 and X-Life
Full autogate support (with additional marshallers at cargo pads)
Baked ambient occlusion textures
Accurately modeled airport buildings based off 2017 model
Hand color matched and enhanced 4k satellite imagery
Moving ground vehicles (with Groundtraffic plugin)
PBR on many buildings and ground textures
Good FPS on Low-to-high systems
KMDW Chicago Midway 1.3 This is the beginning of the Chicago Midway project. KMDW is an airport located in Chicago, IL. which is a hub of Southwest Airlines, Delta, as well as a few other small airlines including North Country Sky, Porter Airlines, and Volaris Airlines.

Released June 13, 2016

added exclusions zones to keep pesky roadways out of airport boundry

1.2 Updates
Gate Numbers
Ground signs
taxi signs
fixed parking spots
added lighting to remote parking areas
KORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport v3 - Nimbus Studios ZAU Recommends this scenery, as it contains essential runways for normal/event operations.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is on of the largest airport in the world. Prior to 1998, O'Hare was the busiest airport in the world in terms of the number of passengers. Today O'Hare International servers 39 million passengers and is the fourth busiest airport in the world.

New 4K orthophotos
Terminals with 3D interior and people
HDR lights
New 4K textures with PBR materials for the main terminals
Night lighting
New ground textures with PBR materials
New high quality vehicles with PBR material
3D trees
Parking lots full of cars
Ground markings on each gate and runway
Numbered jetways
8 runways
New NE cargo area
Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5 fully modeled with all concourses
South and North Tower
Every gate has a start position
Files for empty airport or static planes
WT3 ready (files included)
Airport surroundings represented
Animated Airport
World Traffic 3 ready (files included)
GroundTraffic (plugin by Marginal)
AutoGate plugin with custom highly detailed jetways
Animated people inside the terminals
NEW!! - Information screens that shows time, pressure, temperature, destination airport, departure time, delay and the amount of delay
KGRR - Grand Rapids 1.1 - Brian Godwin Features:

New in this version:

Feature canopy and ATCT modeled/textured by AndrooC

Small tweaks

Previous version:

Version 10 Only
Full ATC (no flows yet) at KGRR
GI lighting at both KGRR and Y70
"New" apron lights
Graduated LOD terminal objects
Plane spotting pad at KGRR
KOSH Wittman Regional - EAA AirVenture 2.5 This scenery pack includes a very detailed rendition of EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh with thousands of aircraft. The pack will give you a very good impression of what it is like to fly in and out of Oshkosh during the airshow week. Landing on the many colored dots or squares on the runway as instructed, turning off the runway into the hands of the numerous flagmen guiding you in proper directions. It will be a challenge looking out for available parking spots. Pilots can put their STOL skills to the test at the Fun Zone's ultralight strip (serious STOL, as this strip is really short!) If pilots are looking for soft field or water practice, this scenery pack includes plenty of fun places to visit!

Not only does the pack include AirVenture at Wittman Field itself, but also many of the neighboring fields. One that cannot be forgotten is Pioneer Field at the Wittman grounds, home to the EAA Museum. The Seaplane Base is included just southeast of Wittman, on the Lake Winnebago shore. Along the Fisk VFR arrival one can find some other interesting agricultural private airstrips included. Two of them at Ripon (Myers or Bennett Field and J&L Aviation). Along the railroad track just shy of Fisk you'll find Williams Field, a small farm strip. At Fisk itself is the Fisk Approach emergency strip called Planeacres, another private airfield. Near these two strips is a fictional temporary strip created to replace the historic Pfaffenroth private airfield, which is long gone but still mentioned in default sims. Just north of Wittman in the suburbs of the town of Oshkosh itself is the private strip of Gallinger. Gallinger is a small but cosy strip with campgrounds. During AirVenture the airfield is heavily used by Carbon Cubs. Stay low, though, because AirVenture traffic can fly overhead.
Last but not least is a bigger rural airstrip at Waupun, some miles southwest of Oshkosh. This is a two-runway airfield in between cornfields with one hardened and one turf runway. It has a filling spot for cropdusters and a couple of hangars to store your aircraft.
KMKE General Mitchell International Airport 1.1.0 General Mitchell International Airport serves the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The airport is the busiest airport in Wisconsin, with about 6.75 million passengers in 2016. It is commonly described as Chicago's third airport, as many travelers in the suburbs north of Chicago use it instead of Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports

The terminal has 48 gates across 3 concourses. There are currently 10 airlines with service at MKE; Air Canada, Alaska, American, Apple Vacations Operated by Norwegian, Delta, Frontier, OneJet, Southwest, United, and Volaris. Allegiant Air will begin flights out of the airport starting in November 2017. Currently, only concourses C and D are open at this airport. Concourse E was shut down in May 2017 for a remodel which will add US Customs and Border Protection processing facilities replacing the IAB just north of the terminal.
The airport is also the home of the 128th Air Refueling Wing, part of the Wisconsin Air National Guard which operates KC-135 refueler aircraft out of the airport.