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Welcome to the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center

Chicago ARTCC provides ATC Services for Chicago O'Hare, the world's 2nd busiest airport and features a Class Bravo airport, Chicago O'Hare (KORD) as well as several Class Charlies and is a short hop away way from popular destinations like Saint Louis, Minneapolis, New York and Washington D.C. Come fly with us, and enjoy the challenges or come control with us and join our training program!

Mathew Magera

vZAU Air Traffic Manager

Upcoming Events

VATUSA: Town Hall Meeting [2017-12-04] 20:30:00 - 00:00:00

VATUSA is pleased to announce a Town Hall meeting, Monday 04 Dec at 9:30pm EST, 8:30pm CST, 7:30pm MST, 6:30pm PST, 5:30pm AKST, 4:30pm HST, 21 Nov at 0230Z, etc. -- pick your favorite time zone. :)

Don Desfosse, VATUSA Division Director, will host a brief discussion highlighting some recent VATUSA highlights, projects, metrics, challenges and opportunities, turn the mic over to various VATUSA staff members to add a little color, and then open the forum for general conversation, questions and answers.

The meeting will take place in the VATUSA Teamspeak server. For the login details, please see the VATUSA forum post.


Controllers/Students and Pilots are all welcome.

Meeting will be held in the Archie W. League Conference Room.  If you're a minute or two early and don't know who Archie W. League is, read the description on the right side of the page.

Hope to see lots of folks there!

vZKC: Collegiate Aviation Series: Hesston College [2017-12-07] 17:30:00 - 21:30:00

ZKC is continuting an event series called "Collegiate Aviation Series". ZKC airspace contains several collegiate aviation programs and we want to feature them in the form of events. We will be featuring 2 schools a month. The main focus of these events are to promote general aviation traffic within VATUSA. We would encourage you to fly your favorite general aviation aircraft. Whether it is practice approaches, VFR/IFR cross country flights, or pattern work, we got you covered!

This week we are featuring Hesston College. This program is based out of Newton County Airport (KEWK). The flight program at Hesston College uses the Cessna 172, Cessna 172RG, and Piper PA-30. You can expect services from Wichita Approach and Kansas City Center. Be advised that KEWK is an uncontrolled airport. Some good cross country destinations are KWLD, KANY, KPTT, KGBD, KCYW, KMHK, KEMP, and KCNU.

Center rated controllers are encouraged to staff up ZAU to help support Kansas City!

Home For The Holidays [2017-12-17] 15:00:00 - 19:00:00

It's that time of year again! In the midst of holiday traveling, come home to Chicago this year. Chicago O'Hare, Midway, and Executive are welcoming you home with wide arms on Sunday the 17th from 2100z-0100z (3-7pm CT). 

We'll be up from 2100z (3pm CT), until 0100z (7pm CT) or later, waiting to welcome you to home to the Windy City for your 2017 holiday season. More information to come!